A Go Plugin for WordPress

This plugin makes use of the great JavaScript library WGo.js to allow a WordPress installation to upload and display Kifus. Some of the key features are:

  • Interactive display of SGF files including variations and comments
  • Display of a dedicated position of an SGF file as a static diagram
  • Mutiple available board designs
  • Responsive design of the Kifu
  • Usage of modern HTML5 Canvas to draw the images
  • Create player tables by querying the European Go Database


The plugin adds two new shortcodes to the WordPress installation: [wgo]…[/wgo] and [egd]. Design settings can be found in the admin menu Design -> Go, Baduk, Weiqi

The WGO shortcode

[wgo]URL or SGF[/wgo]

It is possible to either use an URL to load the SGF-file from your site or to type in the SGF directly inside the shortcode block.

Example 1: Loading a Kifu


Important: Please note that it is not possible to load a SGF-file from a remote server due to security reasons.

Example 2: Displaying a position as a static image

[wgo static="true" limit="0,9,12,0" maxwidth="250px" float="left"]

Allowed options for the wgo shortcode

Several options are available in the settings and are used by the plugin as default values. The following options can be used inside the [wgo]-shortcode:

Specify the width in px or % of the rendered image
The maximum width of the diagram. Usually this should be a value in % but can also be px

[[wgo width="75%" maxwidth="400px"]...[/wgo]
Defines the look of the stones. Possible values are NORMAL, GLOW or MONO
The filename of the background image or the color to use (RGB), e.g. #33ff88
The number of initially displayed moves. In case variations should be displayed it is mandatory to specify at first the number, followed by move which contains the variation and the number of the variation (starting with zero). For example the string m: 100, 50: 0, 75: 1 means that the first 100 moves should be displayed, at move 50 use the main branch (0) and at move 75 use variation 1
If true disable all interactive elements of the board and draw it as a static diagram
Do not display the whole board but define the part which should be drawn. The format is top, right, bottom, left, e.g. limit=“0,9,12,0″
As in html the float can be used to make the diagram floating left or right
Imporant: An option exists in the plugin-settings to specify if floating should be disabled in case the screen width is smaller than a given value

The EGD-shortcode

The second shortcode added by this plugin can be used to create a table with player information queried from the European Go Database using its webservice. To create the list the player ID from the EGD is added and additionally a list of columns to display:

[egd players="9999,7777,5555" fields="name,declared,gor2,club,cc,link"]

The following fields can be selected to display:

Players name 
The self declared rank of the player
The rank based on the Go Rank (gor)
The numeric Go Rank
The numeric Go Rank including the human readable value (Dan/Kyu)
The players main club
The players country

Download and Installation

The easiest way to install is via the plugin manager of WordPress. Search for the keyword sgf and you should find it directly. If you must install it manually, the latest stable version can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Page and must be extracted inside the plugin folder of your WordPress installation (usually /wp-content/plugins).

Main development takes places in the Git repository on github and contains the latest code.


For questions or issues please use the issue tracker at github (preferred) or the plugin site at WordPress.org.

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